SYSCO is the largest marketer and distributor of foodservice products in North America, with a distribution network that extends throughout the United States and Canada. The company, headquartered in Houston, Texas, operates more than 170 distribution facilities, serving approximately 400,000 customers including restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, retirement centers and other locations where meals are prepared away from home. In Minnesota, the main warehouse and operations center is located on County Road J in the City of Mounds View.

During an average week, SYSCO Minnesota's truck drivers will drive more than 65,000 miles. They deliver over 60,000 cases per day to hundreds of food service establishments within the service territory. An interesting fact is that the majority of business is done on a next-day delivery system - the customer orders one day and SYSCO delivers the next.

SYSCO Minnesota drivers have competed in a number of driving competitions called "Roadeos." The trophies that they have brought home from these competitions reflect the quality of the drivers that SYSCO employs. Most recently, they were awarded the 2006 Minnesota Truck Association Team Trophy, and named SYSCO National Champions (Three drivers won competing against the best of SYSCO Operating Companies.)

A full-time Quality Assurance Specialist inspects all produce, dairy and fresh meat that come into our building. He conducts visual checks, temperature checks, random product cuttings, taste and weight checks so you can be sure you are receiving the very best quality products the foodservice industry has to offer.

SYSCO Minnesota employs rigorous sanitation standards throughout our facility.
The American Institute of Baking conducts four random audits per year to judge the sanitation levels in the warehouse. SYSCO Minnesota has received a "Superior" rating on every inspection since 1988. In order to maintain the Superior rating, SYSCO staff completes self-audits on their sanitation program. Activity sheets are completed each day by sanitation staff. The entire warehouse is completely swept, scrubbed and detailed twice a day and pest control inspections are done weekly. Trucks are also monitored by staff for cleanliness. SYSCO maintains a truck washing facility on site.

SYSCO Minnesota has evolved over the years as a number of companies merged together to bring their expertise and resources to form what is today’s SYSCO Minnesota.

New York Tea
Established in 1882, New York Tea began as a coffee, tea and spice company. In 1900, Leo Krumpelmann joined New York Tea and eventually bought the company. Throughout the years, New York Tea remained a coffee roaster and packer while expanding into foodservice distribution. In October of 1985, New York Tea was acquired by SYSCO Corporation.

CFS Continental
The CFS Continental story began in 1915, when Jacob Cohen founded the Continental Coffee Company. In 1967, a move to broad-line distribution was initiated and the company progressed as a leading supplier and innovator in the food service industry.

CFS Continental Minnesota
Continental Minnesota was formed over time by acquiring and combining the companies of United Foodservice of St. Paul, Oken Supreme, Inc., Golden Valley, Gordon Jensen Equipment and Supply Company of Minneapolis and Eibert Coffee Company of St. Paul. In 1988, SYSCO acquired the food service operating companies of Continental, which included Continental Minnesota.

SYSCO Food Services of Minnesota, Inc.
In 1989, New York Tea/SYSCO and SYSCO Continental Minnesota combined and moved into a newly constructed, efficient distribution center. The company became SYSCO Food Services of Minnesota, Inc. better known as SYSCO Minnesota.